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Software development

Wherever out-of-the-box solutions are not enough, we provide the possibility and know-how for either customization of existing systems or development of new solutions tailored for our customer's individual processes and system landscape.

Customization of Creo and Windchill to support company specific processes, routines, and requirements.

Integration of 3D CAD and Windchill with other business systems such as ERP, CRM, etc.

Proven solutions and years of experience with designing and implementing solutions for efficient Product Development.

Customer focus and result oriented solutions implemented across existing departments, processes and system platforms. We do not just know about CAD, we know about the rest around also. We can fix it because we look at the whole picture.

Advice and insight for understanding systems and their potential impact for a business. Analyzing and discussion partner when new systems are chosen.

Help to uncover potentials by seeing things from a holistic perspective.

We have a foot in CAD, PLM and IT. We know the whole system environment as well as the requirements from user and business perspective.

Seeing challenges from business, as well as IT and end-user perspective. We ensure that things are working and do not focus on quick-fixes and do not follow a "hit-and-run" philosophy.

Thanks to the new process for automatically collecting and printing drawings for an entire project, we can focus on real engineering tasks.

Project Engineer
MacGregor Norway AS

Wir vertrauen nexiles sowohl bei der Entwicklung als auch im Betrieb des BRK CMS. Die Unterstützung durch nexiles ist prompt, unbürokratisch und kompetent.

Reinhard Zacher
IT-Services / Anwendungsmanagement
Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz

nexiles means tied or bound together; interwoven. In this way, we are partnering with our customers to be able to provide holistic help for improvement of their individual value-added processes.

nexiles GmbH is based in Weingarten (Germany) and is a registered PTC Software Partner Gold as well as registered Microsoft partner. We have a global project footprint and deliver our services and solutions where our customers ask for it.