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Smart Enterprise

The Smart Enterprise is how we summarize the ideas related to Digitalization, Industry 4.0, and Internet of Things.

By having digital means to communicate with connected products, processes and other elements of the value chain, we are able to collect data. By setting the collected data into context, we generate information. By running clever analytics on this information, we are transforming it to knowledge. This knowledge is used to do new things, predict trends and automate processes.

There's a lot to read and hear about the terms Digitailization, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things/IoT.

The problem is that no one knows where Digitalization is leading to. Therefore its probably no good idea to buy expensive licenses and replace all of your systems with a completely new platform. However, it is also not an option to wait for 10 years and see what will happen. The challenge is to find these aspects of digitalization which are interesting (e.g. aspects like engineering, product, service), relevant and reachable for each business with its individual products and services and the related value chain. Not every approach has to be disruptive.

At nexiles, we are using a range of characteristics to outline a road map to get started:

  • To which degree is it possible to access analog and digital methods in a systematic manner?
  • Which level of interaction and communication is possible between the product and its surroundings?
  • How is the product or service interacting with its users?
  • Utilization of digital possibilities in existing processes?
  • To which degree are business models being used which can only be realized with digital means?


nexiles means tied or bound together; interwoven. In this way, we are partnering with our customers to be able to provide holistic help for improvement of their individual value-added processes.

nexiles GmbH is based in Weingarten (Germany) and is a registered PTC Software Partner Gold as well as registered Microsoft partner. We have a global project footprint and deliver our services and solutions where our customers ask for it.