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nexiles.starter is the central place where users can access their daily applications and resources in an easy and intuitive way. Central configuration makes administration very simple and where necessary, complex logic can be applied before start of an application. nexiles.starter updates itself and is distributed from Windchill - it follows life-cycle and version control and administrators just revise and release an update of nexiles.starter in Windchill and all users are automatically getting the latest and updated release.

Features and benefits of nexiles.starter:

  • Minimalistic and intuitive user interface with an overview of all relevant applications and resources.
  • Possibility to manage and administrate all Creo specific configuration in Windchill without need for network drives.
  • Central administration of the nexiles.starter and distribution mechanism through Windchill.
  • Automatic updates to latest changes for all users through Windchill.
  • Consistent configuration for a correct application environment - centrally controlled from Windchill.
  • Management and administration of all Creo configuration files in Windchill. No need for network-drives and other ways to distribute these files.
  • They are automatically downloaded every time from Windchill, ensuring that all users always work with the latest configuration.

  • How does nexiles.finder help to make work more effective?

    Users relate to just a single place to start the tools and resources they are working with. Instead of having lots of favorites and application shortcuts spread around the desktop (by the way a nightmare to administrate), they get all presented in a single intuitive starter application.

    The nexiles.starter can be configured and customized with powerful functionality to start all kinds of processes and performing all kinds of programming logic before starting an application. One such example is the start of Creo where a whole range of environment settings must be set to have a consistent setup. Depending on the physical site, different licenses may be pulled, specific configuration settings applied on top of critical company settings as well as the environment for any Creo auxiliary applications must be properly set. Also, all configuration files (such as, ui-settings, etc.) are downloaded from Windchill instead of loading them from a mapped network-drive (also difficult to ensure that all changes are distributed and kept up-to-date as soon as you work with many sites).

  • System requirements

    System requirements:

    • Microsoft Windows Operating System version 7 or later.
    • Windchill version 10.1 or later

  • System footprint

    nexiles.starter is installed locally for each user. However, any updates are automatically distributed to all installations of nexiles.starter. We achieve this by just managing the nexiles.starter as a Windchill object underlying regular life-cycle and version-control and access control mechanisms. As soon as an administrator updates the package, all users get the update automatically installed.

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nexiles.starter is the central place where users can access their daily applications and resources in an easy and intuitive way.

nexiles means tied or bound together; interwoven. In this way, we are partnering with our customers to be able to provide holistic help for improvement of their individual value-added processes.

nexiles GmbH is based in Weingarten (Germany) and is a registered PTC Software Partner Gold as well as registered Microsoft partner. We have a global project footprint and deliver our services and solutions where our customers ask for it.