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Providing content in the required document formats, complete with stamping and approval information. Content in Windchill is automatically converted to a whole range of target formats - this way, nexiles.publisher ensures efficient use of engineering data and documents for all others users in the value chain. Converted documents are through this process available for all relevant objects in Windchill - they can later be easily collected and downloaded from e.g. nexiles.finder.

Features and benefits of nexiles.publisher:

  • Automatic conversion of virtually any content type in Windchill to pretty much every other target format.
    Some examples are:
    • Creo Drawings: PDF, DWG, DXF
    • Creo Models: STEP, Creo View
    • Office Documents: PDF
    • AutoCAD drawings: PDF
  • Conversion based on fully customizable triggers such as Check-In or change of life-cycle-state to e.g. Released.
  • Stamping of converted PDFs with a fully configurable template using HTML and CSS.
  • Possibility to stamp any related Windchill data such as Approved By, Checked By, etc.
  • Converted target formats are saved in Windchill again as:
    • Attachment to the original Windchill object
    • Representation of the original Windchill object
    • New Windchill Document
  • Conversion of 3D models to e.g. STEP using mid-tolerance dimensions. This makes the exported 3D data ideal for further processing for e.g. NC code generation.
  • Users are automatically notified if a conversion fails due to e.g. a corrupt file for a Document or 3D model data.
  • nexiles.publisher is able to convert multiple formats in one step. Failed jobs are non-blocking and no Windchill queues are locked if anything goes wrong.

  • How does nexiles.publisher help to make work more effective?

    • Automatic publishing enables a proper engineering process - only released content leaves the engineering department.
    • Content managed in Windchill is automatically provided to the value chain in the required conversion formats.
    • Users can access content using PDF viewers instead of having to use expensive authoring applications to view data.
    • The users in the value chain can rely on PDFs with stamping to be valid and released. Other PDFs without proper stamping are not official.
    • Content can easily be collected and downloaded in the right formats for e.g. fast generation of complete Document Packages.
    • In case of a failed conversion, the user who initiated the promotion request is automatically notified with more information regarding actions to take.

  • System requirements

    System requirements:

    • Windchill 10.1 or later
    • Licenses available for any systems used to convert content.

  • System-footprint

    nexiles.publisher is implement just like any other Windchill worker using its dedicated queues and Worker Agents. Otherwise, we provide a stable and proven framework to implement any other kind of converter to be used as Windchill Worker.

  • What is the further roadmap for nexiles.publisher?

    • Support for other CAD systems like Catia, NX, and Solidworks
    • Possibility to stamp the whole drawing title-block on drawings with all relevant meta-data information. Drawings are then just showing geometric information with dimensions and other symbols, etc.
    • Possibility to convert XML or other structured document data to other documents using stylesheets.

    Do not hesitate to tell us of your requirements and ideas. We convert your content types to pretty much anything.

  • What makes nexiles.publisher different from the Windchill standard CAD Worker?

    • nexiles.publisher is not a "black-box" but can be fully customized.
    • By following a flexible set of conventions, it is possible to implement conversion for pretty much any Windchill content type to pretty much any compatible target format.
    • Possibility to use existing conversion-scripts and tools for the Windchill publishing.
    • No adaption of Windchill workflows to trigger conversion jobs. This turned out to be very unstable and often causes queues to lock down.
    • Full API functionality to implement any logic to be performed on CAD models or drawings before conversion.
    • Stamping is included and can be customized through an HTML/CSS template to meet all kinds of requirements.
    • Stamping can show information from Windchill attributes and the related Promotion request by simple placeholders in the stamp-template.

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Providing content in the required document formats, complete with stamping and approval information.

Thanks to the new process for automatically collecting and printing drawings for an entire project, we can focus on real engineering tasks.

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