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Engineers can quickly find and reuse proven design solutions and aspects as well as being able to generate new designs based on preferred templates. Navigation is easy and highly effective through the use of modern principles such as tagging, live search and regular but fast browsing - very much like you would expect from today's web applications.

Preferred designs and best-practice solutions are easily found and described - so easy that engineers are rather using these designs and solutions instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Features and benefits of nexiles.hive:

  • Provide engineers with a selection of best-practice and proven design solutions which are streamlined with the related business processes.
  • Describe these best-practices and preferred design solutions with an internal datasheet using rich-text forms and dynamic markup for references to other content in Windchill.
  • Identify and describe best-practice design solutions by assigning loose tags.
  • Tagging does not lead to changes of the actual models in Windchill.
  • It doesn't matter where content is located within Windchill contexts - based on permissions, anything can be added and made available. Use your existing library models and include them as they are in nexiles.hive.
  • Increase re-use of existing designs and articles/materials as well as harvesting the benefits of systematic work.
  • Get kick-started on standardization of design aspects and larger parts of your products.
  • Share knowledge and experience in a dynamic way and make it accessible within the tools engineers are working with.
  • Choose between a model for pay-per-use with no start-up cost at all, or one-time investment with annual maintenance fees.


  • How does nexiles.hive help to make designers more effective?

    Engineers are provided with a selection of proven and preferred design solutions, rather than having to search for what they consider to be the best match. Navigation is organized by tags. These tags make it very simple and fast to narrow down the provided list of preferred solutions and best-practices to the things relevant for the current design task. Every template in nexiles.hive is described with and additional internal datasheet - this datasheet provides more information about the capabilities of the template and how it can be used.

    Engineers collect selected models and templates in a cart (similar to the shopping cart of a web-shop). Any content of this cart can then directly be used in the CAD session. This way, models can easily be opened, or assembled and new designs can easily be derived from existing templates. An add-on module provides templates for effective generation of 3D-gear geometry that can be directly placed on existing models.

  • How is the list of preferred content managed and administrated?

    nexiles.hive allows administrator to easily organize content by tagging. This organization-layer for the tagging is in no way depending on the attributes and content of any models managed in Windchill. The tags are defined in a separate layer "on top" of the regular Windchill content. Any models and templates can be located anywhere in Windchill (any context, product or library and any subfolders underneath) - only the regular user-permissions control what is visible. The classifications with tags does not lead to changes of the original CAD models and no additional Windchill attributes are necessary. We do also not rely on complex WTPart structures and dependencies.

    Without nexiles.hive, engineers have to browse through endless folder structures and must recognize any potential models by their filename. Administrators are usually filling and maintaining libraries for standard- and template models with great effort. However, in the end they are neglected and turn stale.

  • System requirements

    System requirements of the Server-Side:

    • Windchill 10.1 or later

    System requirements of the Client-Side:

    • Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 or later
    • Creo Parametric 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or later

  • System-footprint

    nexiles.finder is implemented and provided as a Windchill App using nexiles technology. This means that the application itself becomes a Windchill object that is managed within the Windchill database using all available life-cycle and versioning mechanisms. There is no need for any additional webserver or database and future migrations, updates and rehostings are not affecting the application in any way.

    The client-side of nexiles.hive is implemented as a Creo-Plugin and communicates with the server-side of nexiles.hive.

  • What is the further roadmap for nexiles.hive?

    • Support for additional CAD systems such as Catia, NX and Solidworks.
    • Additional social-features such as favorites, like-buttons, comments and voting.
    • Further functionality to dynamically describe content with with other Windchill objects and ERP.
    • Implementation of nexiles.hive as stand-alone system without Windchill.
    • Content module for standard designs and templates.
    • Content module for effective gear- and transmission calculation and 3D geometry generation of complete gear transmissions.

    Do not hesitate to tell us of your requirements and ideas.

  • What makes nexiles.hive different from PTC PartsLink?

    • nexiles.hive uses a very effective tagging-system for the classification of content. These tags are not as strict as the classification rules for full-blown systems such as PartsLink.
    • nexiles.hive organizes content with the help of tags and provides rich ways to describe models and templates with additional information.
    • Content is not only searchable but can be directly used in the CAD session.
    • nexiles.hive provides the possibility to generate new designs based on existing and proven design templates directly in the CAD tool.
    • nexiles.hive is built on modern and state-of-the-art technology and provides an intuitive and minimalistic user experience.
    • The installation of nexiles.hive has practically no impact on the existing Windchill system. nexiles.hive is rolled-out and provided as actual Windchill content.
    • The organization and administration of the content does not require complex datamodels, attributes or classification-trees and does not rely on WTParts.
    • Content from nexiles.hive can directly be used and applied in the connected CAD tool.
    • Models can be opened and assembles, materials assigned, UDFs placed and new designs generated from existing templates.

  • Do i have to buy the solution or can i use it as a service?

    We support both models:

    • Buying usage licenses with a one-time investment and annual maintenance for access to future updates and support.
    • Usage as a service and pay-per-use of models and templates in the CAD tool. Installation is free of charge.

    We support and assist you with the work to fill nexiles.hive with great content. We provide training, support and workshops to define smart and effective designs and parametric templates. We have over 20 years of experience with developing smart parametric template modes. We are happy to help you with your ideas and requirements!

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Engineers can quickly find and reuse proven design solutions and aspects as well as being able to generate new designs based on preferred templates.

nexiles means tied or bound together; interwoven. In this way, we are partnering with our customers to be able to provide holistic help for improvement of their individual value-added processes.

nexiles GmbH is based in Weingarten (Germany) and is a registered PTC Software Partner Gold as well as registered Microsoft partner. We have a global project footprint and deliver our services and solutions where our customers ask for it.