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Consistent meta-data and a proper CAD-Design definition are key to effective Product Design. nexiles.companion simplifies repetitive activities to a great effect and helps designers to focus on the design task instead of having to manually maintain correct definitions for all kind of meta-data.

Features and benefits of nexiles.companion:

  • Minimalistic and intuitive user interface providing functionality to e.g. create new models with a consistent set of meta-data
  • Possibility to update and modify meta-data of existing models.
  • Automatic validation and feedback for correct value definition.
  • Tooltip functionality helping users to understand the meaning of the value and field they are filling out.
  • Assignment of material definitions to new and existing models.
  • Automatic creation of drawings with correct templates and drawing formats.
  • Execution of additional logic to dynamically hide/show fields depending on selected values.
  • Additional logic to generate filenames based on specific rules or retrieving numbers from the Windchill number generator or from other systems like ERP.

  • How does nexiles.companion help to make work more effective?

    • nexiles.companion is implemented to match the requirements for consistent CAD designs. Correct naming, validated descriptions, materials, and lots of other things are taken care of.
    • Designers are guided through the process of specifying the required information.
    • Repetitive tasks are automated and errors eliminated.
    • Central configuration ensures consistent ways of working and provides a predictable output of CAD data.
    • Down-stream usage of CAD data becomes much more effective and predictable.

  • System requirements

    System requirements:

    • Microsoft Windows Operating System version 7 or later.
    • Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 or later, Creo 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or later
    • Optional: Windchill version 10.1 or later

  • System footprint

    nexiles.companion is implemented as an add-on to the existing Creo installation. The impact on the existing installation is minimal and requires no substantial modification to any existing Creo environment.

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Consistent meta-data and a proper CAD-Design definition is key to any effective Product Design.

nexiles means tied or bound together; interwoven. In this way, we are partnering with our customers to be able to provide holistic help for improvement of their individual value-added processes.

nexiles GmbH is based in Weingarten (Germany) and is a registered PTC Software Partner Gold as well as registered Microsoft partner. We have a global project footprint and deliver our services and solutions where our customers ask for it.