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  • nexiles.gateway documentation

    nexiles.gateway is a extensible, modular programming API for PTC Windchill. nexiles.gateway can be used by developers and customers without extensive domain knowledge. nexiles.gateway can be used through the web – Web Programming – and on the server side, Server Side Programming. nexiles.gateway allows to use standard, modern web technologies to integrate with PTC Windchill. Any language and existing stack can be used, as long as HTTP and JSON are supported. There’s even a set of client side libraries available for free, nexiles.gateway client api. This enables all kind of developers to integrate with PTC Windchill.

    All of our products use nexiles.gateway as a core technology to enable PTC Windchill integration.

  • nexiles.gateway client API documentation

    The offers a HTTP API to Windchill.

    In order to use this API, one needs to create a program (code) which handles the HTTP communication and does all the error handling and result parsing. There’s currently no example implementation for the client side of this API. In order to make the API more accessible, we want to have a canonical example of an client side API implementation, and a command line tool which can be used in scripts.

  • nexiles.gateway app template’s documentation

    This is a the nexiles app template which we use to develop apps for PTC Windchill using our nexiles gateway interface. This template contains code and build scripts, and this documentation.

  • nexiles.gateway principalservice

    The goal of this service is to provide an HTTP api to these resources:

    Per-context, listing all teams.
    As defined inside teams. Each role has members.
    List of all users in the system. Get user data. POST edit.
    Display group data. List of group members.
  • nexiles.gateway number service

    Windchill Business Objects are numbered – e.g. they have unique IDs. These numbers are generated by number generators configured by object initialization rules in Windchill. When creating new business objects, it is often desired to fetch the next generated number from the Windchill system.

  • nexiles.gateway report service

    nexiles|gateway report service allows users to build web applications, which assemble their own report XMLs by e.g. dynamically adding criteria based on user selection w/o having to persistently store reports. The goal of the nexiles|gateway report service is to:

    • provide easy access to existing reports: - list reports, filter by name, number - execute reports, returning XML results


      execute a ad-hoc report query by HTTP POST-ing a report XML.

  • nexiles.gateway query service

    To provide a abstract API to perform queries on the server which support the following features:

    • Support paging on the server. Provide next and previous links in the result. Provide total_count in the result.
    • Directly support ExtJS store format for paged queries.
    • Support all the queries and filters the nexiles|gateway core query module supports
    • Support config specs for the most common uses for Iterated Business Objects.
  • nexiles.gateway file service

    Windchill Business Objects may be so-called Content Holders, which essentially means that they contain file-like objects. Accessing these files – or attachments – is easy using the Windchill UI. However, for automation and web applications the API provided is cumbersome. The nexiles.gateway file service provides an abstract API to access Windchill Content Holder files.

  • nexiles.gateway attribute service

    Windchill business objects often hold attributes. For automating and/or data exchange it’s often desired to have read and write access to those attributes. Unfortunately, accessing attributes involves a lot of code and Windchill special knowledge. The nexiles.gateway attribute service provides an abstract API to access Windchill IBA attributes.


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